Grind Mode Affiliated 4 (Video)

affiliated 4

Token features on a FIRE Grind Mode Cypher with Chester Green, Lingo and Jon Hope. 

Great Cypher from front to back and excellent boom bat beat by Lingo. Every artist does their thing, but it is interesting to hear all the different flows that appear on this instrumental. Everyone from Token, to Chester Green, to Koma killed this beat, ¬†however the approach varied widely by each artist. Shout out to Grind Mode for having another incredible lineup, as one couldn’t ask for better bars from MASSAKA and Jon Hope, while Sky Jones brought impeccable vocals and solid punchlines. Great visual by Marc Murphy of Redeye movies.

Grind Mode Cypher Affiliated 4
featuring: Lingo, Jon Hope, Koma, Chester Green, Sky Jonez, Token & Massaka
produced by Lingo
filmed by Simon Marshall & Marc Murphy for Redeye Movies
edited by Lingo for Wiseguys Films

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