Chester Green “No Love For St. Patrick” ft. Paleface (Video)

No Love For Saint Patrick

Chester Green and Paleface team up to bring a timeless classic for St. Patrick’s Day, entitled “No Love for St. Patrick”.

A world without a Saint Patrick’s Day song is a world we can no longer tolerate. Bless the Irish, for Saint Patrick rid Ireland of the snakes, brought salvation and harmony, and finished his conquest with a mighty lager. So grab ye an Irish Lass, a pint o’ Guinness, and a wee bitty leprechaun, and party hard to the Saint Patrick’s Day song. “No love for St. Patrick” is the ideal parody film, chalked full of irony, good looking women, and dope comedic punchlines. “No Love for St. Patrick’s Day” is Produced, written and directed by Chester Green and Channel 38.

“St. Patrick’s Day Song” Audio Link:

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