Grind Mode Cypher “Fvck a Feature” (Video)


Chester Green, Lingo, T Rads and FNX represent New England in an epic cypher, full of fire 16s.

This is simply one of the best cyphers that the human ears can fathom. An audacious display of rhyme schemes, punchlines and imaginative phrases accompanied by a dope Flip Jackson beat and a stunning visual by Wiseguysfilms. It is hard to say who came out on top, with both T Rads and Chester Green attacking the mic with the multi syllable rhyme schemes and interior metaphors, while Lingo and D Gazz weaved in and out of the beat, leaving the slam dunk role to FNX who brought nothing but flames like he “removed scorpion’s mask”. Colly C closes out the set with solid energy, pushing the fans to wonder what the next Grind Mode Cypher in the series will display.

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