Grind Mode Affiliated 10 (Video)

affiliated 10

Chester Green, Lingo and T Rads team up to headline a very strong Grind Mode Cypher.

On an old school sounding sample production by Labmatik beats, Grind Mode Cypher drops it’s latest edition in the Affiliated series. In rather impressive form, we see a slew of energetic performers with true lyrical prowess and elevated cadences and rhyme schemes. Very impressive verses from Lingo and Bo, while it seemed Chester Green and T Rads had verses that went perfectly together from the flow to the word choice and interior rhyme schemes. Mic Lanny stood his ground with a well thought out 16, ¬†and Pera’s raspy voice and intricate word play were an excellent compliment to this very strong cypher full of Grind Mode affiliates. The video is excellent and it seems that Grind Mode and Wiseguysfilms are constantly making their videos more cinematic and consequently more charismatic.




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