Chester Green “The Power” ft. Anonymous


Chester Green drops a video that is thought provoking, edgy and unique. Considering the current political atmosphere in Trump’s America, Chester Green’s first release off of American Dreamer, “The Power”, is a video with perfect timing.

After a groundbreaking 2016, filled with everything from major features to comedic parodies, Chester Green has had one focus in mind: his upcoming EP, Tales of An American Dreamer. 

Where fake news rules the day and meaningless Hip Hop rules the night, “The Power” seems to be a welcome alternative to the every day offerings of our News-feeds. To save the day, Chester Green enlists the help of infamous hackers Anonymous, and momentarily takes over the global news-feed for an all exposing Congressional press conference. In an effort to stop the madness, Chester Green attacks those who seek power, but ironically wants the Power himself. 
Will Chester Green usurp the Power, or will it lead to his demise?
Directed by Curry Films, and produced by Iowa Production team Sonic Militia,  “The Power” is a captivating visual experience – edgy, meaningful and stimulating, yet modern and to the point. 

Samples of News Coverage from various sources done with this political commentary in mind. This video is for educational and social commentary purposes only, not for monetization or profit. All credits associated have remained on the footage as originally placed.

Video: Curry Films + LTV

Song: “The Power” by Chester Green Music

Produced by : Sonic Militia



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