bcChester Green is a multi-talented recording Artist from New England who has notable collaborations with some of the industry’s best musicians and personalities. His recent releases with artists such as Heems, Token, Krumbsnatcha, Grind Mode Cypher, DJ Jemaine and OT the Real (to name a few) have propelled Chester Green to become Hip Hop’s jack of all trades. He is receiving simultaneous notoriety as a Writer, Performer, Producer, DJ & Videographer, and is constantly taking on roles which stretch his creative boundaries in order to display his undoubted talent and undeniable creative drive.

Chester Green, and his very capable team, are taking what they’ve built with the company’s original media sources and attempting to bring a more personalized and stylized artistic direction to the table. “We’re aiming to make this a recognizable brand, and want to appeal to many different sections of the global audience” says the artist, and with the hard hitting tracks (such as Stand Out ft Swet Shop Boys) from his upcoming release, he is ready to grow into the international spotlight.

As he continues to prepare to release his next album by writing, producing, DJing, and providing the videography and graphics for the majority of his own projects he also takes on the needs of other artists and record labels – using his multi-faceted skill-set to create and promote the artwork of his entire Chester Green team, as well as his close affiliates.

Chester Green has recently been featured on American Hip Hop publications such as:,, & as well as International publications such as:, WinneCooper.Net, FutureClassics.CA  and many more for his various contributions to Hip Hop and its culture.