Paleface “Link’s Arousing – The Musical” (Video)


Best known for his collabo with Heems of Swet Shop Boys and satirical raps galore, Paleface is back with a comedy video for The Zelda Song.

Channel 38 Presents “Link’s Arousing (The Musical)!”

Features Lady J and Megan Caulfield as Princess Zelda.
Since 1991, Link’s been rescuing Princess Zelda. He’s saved her from Ganondorf, Demise, Ghirahim, and more, and she’s never really thanked him. At least, not in the way he wants. Zelda has teased Link for too long, and he’s ready to let her know.

This nerdy rap is the brainchild of Paleface and Wreck the System’s Lady J. The inspiration for the song and video came from the upcoming Nintendo Switch title, “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” and their love of the classic LoZ games like “Ocarina of Time.” Both are huge video game nerds and their love of gaming invades all aspects of their music.

Nerdcore artist Paleface is also known for his song “Polly Wanna Beat” and his Comedy “No Love for St. Patrick” ft Chester Green.
Lady J is a part of the popular nerdcore group, “Wreck the System.”

Princess Zelda, or Megan Caulfield as she’s more commonly known, is an actress from Northern Virginia. She recently was cast as “Monica Massaro,” a featured lead role in an upcoming cable TV series pilot for a German TV network.

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